The Interlude

2 months have passed since the death of Tithian and the end of what is now called the Battle of Tyr. Many changes have occurred in the city, and many more are sure to follow. The following is a short description of the major changes.

Heroes of the Battle: Your role in the conflict has garnered you a high level of notoriety, some good, some not so good. The Free (ex-slaves) celebrate you as heroes and saviors (2 to diplomacy checks against members of the free), while among the commoners rumors swirl that you helped the Templar and aided Arcane users during the chaos (-2 to diplomacy checks against residents of the warrens). The Remms are deeply indebted to you, and while they privately count you amongst their staunchest allies (2 to diplomacy checks against nobility), publicly they have decided to distance themselves from you, at least until the mood of the city changes.

The City Council: Led by Temult Remm, the city council is the governing body of Tyr. In addition to Temult, the council consists of 10 council members. Two members each are drawn from the Veiled Alliance, the Merchant Guilds, the Artisans, “The Free”, and the Nobility. Absent from this council are representatives of common laborers, former gladiators, smiths, and the Elves.

The Tyrian Guard: One of the first acts of the new city council was the dissolution of the Templar. In their place, the council ordered the formation of Tyrian guard. The guard serves as the policing arm of the council, maintains order in the city, and acts as a standing army against external threats. The guard is comprised of former Templar, gladiators, slaves, and sell swords, among others.

The Free: Although many former slaves have melded back into Tyrian society, escaped to the desert, or have otherwise left the confines of the brickyards, a significant portion remain. This cohesive group of former slaves now call themselves “the free”. They are represented on the council by the female Mul Nori and the male Elf Shivrin. Slavery is now illegal in the city of Tyr.

The Templar: This group has been disbanded. Arcane users are now required to register with the ministry. Many former Templar has joined the Tyrian guard, be apprehended and tried by the ministry, or have simply disappeared.

The Ministry: To the public this branch of government is responsible for apprehending and controlling Arcane users. In reality the ministry is a legalized arm of the Veiled Alliance. Prejudices against arcane users remain strong in Tyr, but the nobility owes much of its success to the the Veiled Alliance. In order to ensure the rights of Arcane users, and protect them from the people of Tyr the ministry is charged with identifying and training young Arcane users, as well as capturing and killing defilers.

The Elves: Elves were already second class citizens in Tyrian society, with their decision to remain neutral during the Battle of Tyr they cemented that status. Although the Elven market remains the Elves have no representatives on the city council and limited status within the city.

The Golden Tower & the Ziggeraut: Although vacated by the late Sorcerer-King these structures remain off limits and entrances are guarded by high ranking members of the Tyrian guard.

The Interlude

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