dark sun, dark times

Between a den and a sandstorm

The heroes decide to enter the Silt Runner den, and find five very angry creatures in residence. Two runners are able to immobilize Hark and Maylay with poison darts, making the battle most difficult indeed. But through discipline and and a little luck they are able to dispatch the surprised creatures. Resting for the night in the silt runner den, the heroes find a small toy drum which is discovered to be a magical Ki focus, in addition they secure enough food and water to survive five more days in the harsh desert.

Returning to the site of the caravan attack, they decide to take their chances north, instead of heading back south to the city of their capture. After roughly a day of travel they stumble upon the lair of strange small creatures with ravenous jaws. While engaged in this heated battle they fail to notice the warning signs of an impending sand storm.

As the last of these snarling creatures falls the sand storm descends on the heroes. Gasping for air they fall unconscious one by one, but as they do a thin shimmering line appears perpendicular to the horizon. From this line a tall slender figure emerges, looks around cautiously and then gestures towards the party.

The bonds of slavery

A small makeshift caravan of slaves, traders, and commoners is slowly traveling north towards the great city state of Tyr. Five days into its two week journey the caravan is assaulted by a roving band of silt runners. The distraction provided by the intense fighting allows the six slaves to escape their bindings and retrieve their weapons.

However, upon doing so they are assaulted by the remnants of the raiding party. In short order, the freed slaves are able to dispatch the remaining silt runners. Unfortunately for these survivors, the silt runners have made off with the caravan’s supplies, and the great beasts of burden that were pulling the caravan’s carts are no where to be found. They are now alone in the desert, without supplies, or a shift means of transportation.

After a short rest, the party discovers a trail left by the raiding silt runners leading to the north west. Following the trail they discover a small hole in the ground, tracks around the hole lead the heroes to believe they have found the silt runner’s den.


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