dark sun, dark times

Unlikely emancipators

The heroes awake in their cramped room at the Golden Dune. Peering out their window they notice the city is subtly different today. Smoke plums billow from various points in the Warrens, the artisans district and the merchant’s district. Beside his bed Mikhai find a small, tightly rolled piece of parchment. Quickly scanning the room for intruders he notices that the window to their room is open just a crack, and deduces that this message must have been delivered stealthily during the night. The note identifies the sender as a ‘friend’ and instructs Mikhai and his friends to meet him in the upper noble district.

The heroes take a cautious approach and send Mikhai, Maylay, and Blishk to scout ahead. Despite their considerable skill, however, the three are unable to find out anything useful. At noon the rest of the heroes join the scouting party in the upper noble district. Not very long after they arrive they are signaled by a cloaked man. Following him into an alleyway he reveals that his name is Drask, obiviously an alias, and insinuates that he works for a particularly powerful noble family. Drask is cautious though to mention names, and asks that the heroes help him undermine the efforts of Tithian, the captain of the templar, in his quest to become the next king of Tyr. The heroes agree that a less powerful monarch would be best for the people, and are instructed to ignite a slave rebellion at the brickyards.

Accepting their role as unlikely emancipators, the heroes move stealthily towards the brickyards. At the outskirts of the brickyards they spy a large pile of un-worked clay, which they use for cover. South of the Ziggurat a tall square structure rises 25 feet from the ground. It’s shear walls and guarded entrance mark it as the infamous slave pits. Four towers dot the corners of the pits, but Maylays keen eyes do not detect any movement in the towers. The main entrance, however, is guarded by two men and a small pack of sniffing and snarling jahkar. In an effort to avoid bloodshed, the heroes decide to scale the walls. Mihkai, with his impressive jumping ability, is able to leap onto the top of the wall in a single bound. With another he slides into the north eastern guard tower. As Maylay suspected, the tower is unoccupied. Tying a rope to the tower, Mihkai lowers a rope down to his allies and they ascend the slave pit walls. Once in the guard tower, Mihkai walks down a winding stair case only to discover two guards at the base of the stairs. Unnoticed, he returns to the guard tower and suggests that the heroes drop down from the wall into the interior of the slave pits instead. Again aided by Mihkai’s rope the heroes are able to reach the top of the wall, and then the bottom of the slave pits. Everyone except for Cenet that is. Not one, but twice, Cenet falls from the rope. Luckily Eager is there both times to catch her.

The interior of the slave pits is a a simple flat sand surface. Three doors appear to lead into the thick outer walls, one to the south, one to the east and one to the west. Opening the east facing door, the heroes run into two guardsmen. Confused the guardsmen draw their weapons and confront the heroes. Luckily quick witted Maylay crafts an elaborate lie in which the heroes are reinforcements, sent by Tithian to assist the slave pit guards. Distracted the guards fail to notice the ruse until Maylay’s allies come rushing into the room. With the element of surprise on their side, the heroes quickly subdue the two guards. Unfortunately the ring of battle alters the slave pits of their presence and soon four more guards join the fray. Using the door way as a choke point, the party is able to down the guards one by one. As the tide of battle begins to turn against the guards, one breaks ranks to open the portcullis and enlist the help of the outer guards. Fearful of even more reinforcements the heroes close and bar the door to the inner wall.

Hark, Mihkai and Cenet quickly descend a set of stone steps in search of the enslaved inhabitants. The discover a massive tunnel system filled with thousands of slaves in large locked pens. Mihkai shouts back for someone to search the guards for a key, and Blishk riffles through the dead guards belongings before find one. With the key Mihkai open the cells of the first slaves he can find, informs them of their impending freedom, the death of Kalak and the threat of the remaining guards. Elated by the possibility of freedom the slaves cheer and agree to use the guards key to help free the other slaves on this level.

Back at the surface, Maylay and Hark hear voices outside the door, and see the door begin to shutter. After several large thuds, the door comes crashing down and more guards come streaming in followed by their jahkar pets. Maylay and Hark yell of assistance and engage the attackers. Nearly overwhelmed by the shear number of enemies Mihkai, Cenet, Hark and Cenet emerge from the lower level to help dispatch the guards. With just one enemy remaining the freed slaves suddenly begin pouring out of the stair cases. Spotting the remaining guard, the slave surround him and literally tear him to pieces before he can escape.

As the slaves are escaping a feamle Mul named Nori approaches the heroes, and introduces herself. She is very well spoken for a slave, thanks the heroes for their help and promises to help lead the slave to safety. Before she leaves, she asks that the heroes venture further into the slave pits to rescue those that remain, mostly potential gladiators.


The second to last part should be “Maylay and Eager” — I wasn’t in two places. :)

Unlikely emancipators

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