dark sun, dark times

To kill a sorcerer-king

The Templar fights with a furious rage, using his powerful arcane abilities to restrain many of the heroes and severely injure others. Each time he is able to injure one of the heroes he cackles loudly, and it quickly becomes apparent that this Templar has gone mad. Despite his formidable power the heroes are able to over power him using their numbers to their advantage. Ducking back into the cramped streets and alleys of the Warren, the heroes continue on in search of Xeros.

Eventually they find Hark’s old friend in a non-discreet building near the Noble district. Xeros explains that he is a part of a group of freedom fighters that have just carried out a plan to assassinate the sorcerer-king Kalak. The attempt did not go as planned though, when Kalak was killed his Ziggurat emitted a terrible energy, killing or stunning many of the freedom fighters. Now they are undermanned and need the heroes help to smuggle themselves out of the city.

The heroes agree and escort Xeros and the freedom fighters to a predetermined part of the city wall. As the approach nearby Templar sound the alarm and rush in to apprehend the freedom fighters and the heroes. To buy time for the freedom fighters, the heroes move forward to engage the Templar. While Maylay, Cenet, Blishk and Hark scramble through the narrow streets of the Warren, Eager and Mikhai dart across the rooftops. Unfortunately for Eager the shacks of the Warren are unable to bear his sizable weight and he crashes through the third roof his nimble feet reach. Apologizing to the frightened occupant, Eager tosses a few coins for the repairs and darts back into the streets. Soon the heroes find the Templar and goad them to chase. However, before they can get very far, their way is blocked by two more Templar and they are forced to fight.

These Templar fight much the same as the last, but without the crazed fervor. And, just like the last, they are subdued without much trouble. As the last Templar falls the heroes hear a loud explosion emanate from the portion of the wall they just left. Curious, Maylay scouts ahead and sees an immense hole in the once pristine city wall. Templar have already surrounded the breach and a large detachment of reinforcements is making its way towards the wall. Fearing retribution for their actions, the heroes decide to move out of the warrens for the night and find shelter in a local inn. They pay for rooms in the “Golden Dune” and settle in.



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