dark sun, dark times

The lands within the winds

The party awakens in a large tent. What appears to be a young elven girl instructs them to wait while she fetches her elder. The party discovers that the tent they stand in is protected by an invisible barrier of psionic energy, when they attempt to exit the tent an unseen force pushes them backwards. Party members familiar with the desert believe that they may be in the ‘lands within the winds’ (the feywild).

After a short time the girl returns, followed by a taller and older man. He explains that his people hold to the old code, and thus are honor bound to help their Elven brethren during times of trouble. They are not, however, bound to help the other members of the party. To repay their debt the members of the party are instructed to discover the location of a hidden artifact and destroy it. This artifact has just recently begun to emanate arcane energy, and this energy is slowly eating away at the Eladrin lands. The party agrees, and is supplied by the Eladrin with enough supplies to find the artifact and return to the Eladrin lands.

In the morning the party sets off towards the west, some members of the party have trouble keeping up a normal pace under the brutal sun and so the party must rest for an additional day. They eventually discover a rocky outcrop, but take two days to find the canyon. Upon finding the canyon, the party is able to successfully scale the steep walls with the help of a long rope (for the most part). They discover a hidden entrance to what appears to be an ancient temple. The door is already cracked open, with deep claw marks on one side hinting at the identity of the intruders.

In the first room the party discovers two brazers which explode in a fiery rage as they approach. Unable to disarm the cunning trap, the party rushes and leaps past the brazers and deeper into the temple. In the next room a six zombies attack the party after their eternal slumber is disturbed. After dealing with the undead threat, the party decides to head east, through a crude barrier of stone and bone. In the next room they discover a terrified group of Hejkins. In an attempt to intimidate the warped humanoids Brandis makes a show of arcane might. Unbeknownst to him, the Hejkin revile arcane power, and immediately attack the party. After a ferocious lightning filled battle, the party emerges victorious and discovers a hidden room. In the room they find a statue to a long dead god, the statue wears a magical suit of worked stone chainmail and has valuable gems for eyes. Weary from their battles the party rests in the hidden room for the night.



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