dark sun, dark times

The deciding battle

As the heroes return from their last mission they are informed by Drask that things have finally come to a head, and that the Templar, led by Tithian are preparing to squash the nobility with military force. Retreating to a barricaded noble district the heroes fight along side freed slaves, ex-gladiators, members of the crimson guard, and even young Dalen Remm and one of the young Templar the heroes saved from certain death the day before. Using an effective volley of arrows and a make shift barrier the heroes and the rest of the rebellion successfully withstand the first wave of Templar.

Sensing an opportunity, the nobles order their army to advance. After consulting Drask, the heroes decide to head south, through the old slave pits and brickyards. There they encounter an enormous regiment of fighters that include powerful Templar and sly desert Elves. The battle is long and arduous, and just as it seems that the heroes will once again emerge triumphant a new foe emerges.

Wielding blue flames like weapons, the foe is overcome with rage, striking down any who stand in his path with powerful bolts of lightning that arch from creature to creature. Surrounding him are thick, sinsister shades that lash out quickly against nearby enemies and return suddenly to serve as a barrier between the battle and this new participant. As the foe approaches, Blishk is suddenly plunged into a strange vision of the desert. When he emerges from his vision he sees that the battle has turned decidedly against him and his comrades. Powerful bolts of lighting cripple his allies while desperate assaults by both Mikhai, Maylay, and others bounce harmlessly off this seemingly indestructible opponent. Unsure what his vision might mean, and spurred on by his friends, Blishk eventually relates his vision.

Blishk explains that in his vision he was stalking a furious blue beast with thick chitinous armor that his arrows could not pierce. Angered by his attacks, the beast charged Blishk and Blishk attempted to flee. As he turned he spied a young bow drawing a bow. Blishk tried to warn the boy of the danger, but before he could the boy loosed his arrow. Speeding towards the target the arrow suddenly transformed into a bright bolt of light and killed the beast. Hark decides that boy in the vision must be Dalen and instructs the boy to shoot at the warrior they now believe to be Tithian. Dalen complies, and just as in the vision his arrow transforms into a bolt of light and strikes Tithian.

The impact causes Tithian to stagger, and the heroes redouble their efforts, now finding it easier to land crushing blows. Attack after attack connect, and soon Tithian realizes defeat is near. Electricity shakes the earth and the heroes strain against Tithian’s overwhelming Arcane might, but in the end the Templar is no match for heroes in his weakened state. The would be king slumps over dead. As word begins to spread the remaining Templar either flee or surrender, and the city begins to celebrate its freedom.



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