dark sun, dark times

Searching for Allies

A familiar face greets the heroes as they wake. Drask is happy to see that the wells are still in the hands of the Remm family and the Crimson guard, but begrudgingly informs the group that his other “friends” had not performed as well as their appointed tasks. A meeting with the Elven leaders went especially poorly and now the elves are no where to be found. Thus today Drask offers the group only the most important tasks. After some debate they finally decide to seek out the mysterious veiled alliance, and attempt to bring them to the negotiating table. Although several members of the group have reservations about siding with Arcane users, Maylay successfully lobbies for this route when she reveals that she is a member of the Veiled Alliance.

With her knowledge of the Alliance and her contacts in the city it is not difficult to set up a meeting. The Veiled Alliance insists on negotiating with a member of the Remm family so the heroes set off for the noble district. Once there the Remms agree to send young Dalen, who asks that the heroes travel with him for protection. While traversing the warren the heroes are ambushed by a small street gang who quickly realizes that they picked the wrong group to rob.

At the meeting Dalen struggles with the negotiations until Maylay provides him was a couple of well timed hints pertaining to the Alliances values, and Cenet uses her psionic abilities to bolster young Dalen’s confidence. The meeting ends with an agreement, the Veiled Alliance pledges its support to the nobles in exchange for fair treatment of Arcane users in the new government.

With a powerful ally secured Dalen rushes back to the noble district to inform his uncle. Before returning to Drask the heroes are approached by the Veiled Alliance and asked to help them as a show of good faith. The heroes agree, and are sent towards the city gates to free a group of Arcane users.

Finding the prisoners is not difficult, however surprisingly they are guarded by a group of desert Elves instead of the typical Templar regiment. The Elves are illusive foes, but the heroes are able to surprise them and quickly dispatch two of their members. The others are more difficult to subdue, and the Arcane prisoners seem unable or unwilling to help their liberators. Finally one of the wizened Elves collapses in death and the prisons seem to instantly regain their senses. With the help of these powerful Arcane users the heroes kill the remaining Elves and lead the prisoners back to the Veiled Alliance.



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