dark sun, dark times

New friends, new destinations

After narrowly escaping the desert temple, the Heroes are finally properly introduced to their rescued slave. The nervous human says his name is Dalen, and that he was kidnapped several days ago while exploring the area. He would like the Heroes to take him to Tyr, where he has family that can get him safely back to Urik. The party agrees and sets off for the Eladrin village. After roughly two days of travel they find a make shift Eladrin Village. Belkas explains that although the Heroes successfully destroyed the artifact, its power was too great and their lands are no longer habitable. What remains of their tribe is preparing to head west, in search of other Eladrin lands, and if all else fails, the forest ridge. Due to the resources required for this endeavor, they are only able to give the heroes two days worth of rations and point them towards the next outpost, Celik.

When the party reaches Celik they are questioned by two guards about their business in the city, and then instructed to pay a 50 silver entrance fee. After paying, the party enters Celik through the southern gate and meets the real city guard. Annoyed, Mikhai sprints back to the southern gate in search of the impostors and his coin, but is unable to find them. Inside the ruined city, Hark, Mikhai, and Blishk decide to look for transport north to Tyr, while Maylay and Cenet head towards the market to ply their “trade”. On the way to the market, Maylay notices a strange symbol on a merchant’s booth that carries some sort of significance to her. After telling Cenet to begin entertaining the crowd, Maylay has a short conversation with the shop owner who instructs her to report back to agents in Tyr, and suggests she seek out a dwarf named Ozu for help. Satisfied, she heads back towards Cenet who has attracted a large crowd with her music. Falling back into their old ways Maylay recoups some of their lost coin while Cenet entertains the crowd.

Meanwhile, not far away at the “city center” the rest of the group tries to negotiate passage to Tyr to no avail. It seems that the residents of Celik are not interested in taking on passengers. Frustrated, Mikhai notices a dwarf just outside the large tent that makes up the city center gesturing towards him. The dwarf informs the group that his boss might have room aboard his caravan for a few hearty workers, and instructs them to find Ozu in the tent city.

At tent city, Cenet finds a place near the communal fire pit to lay down her bed roll, and Maylay decides to stretch her legs a bit. She finds Ozu’s tent at about the same time the rest of the group does. Puzzled, they enter together to find a very drunk Ozu at a giant wooden table, gulping down beverages and yelling loudly about the city and its officials. The party informs Ozu of their desire to gain transport to Tyr and is asked to prove their worth before they are allowed to join his crew. They are able to do so with a combination of strength, diplomacy, and lies before Ozu tells them to inform his friend, a half-giant camped out at the communal fire pit, that they will be leaving in the morning.

At the fire pit Cenet meets a very interesting and jovial half-giant named Eth-Kaulak the Eager, they discuss their past while Eth-Kaulak laughs and sings songs for the young boys and girls of tent city. When the rest of the party arrives they notice Cenet talking with their new Half-giant crew mate. Introductions are made and celebrated with a round of broy before turning in for the night.

In the morning the party does some haggling in the Elven market (buying mostly junk), but does manage to swindle the seller into buying a worthless piece of leather armor for more than it is worth, before joining Eth-Kaulak the Eager and Ozu on the Sand Sailor, just outside the city. Eth-Kaulak, Hark, and Blishk man the capstans which turn the ship’s wheels. The seven day journey is made with remarkably good time, due to favorable wind conditions and a curious stretch of good luck. Finally, the weary crew glimpses the great city-state of Tyr in the distance.



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