dark sun, dark times

Furthering the cause

After spending a great deal of time and effort freeing the slaves of Tyr, the heroes return to the noble district to find Drask patiently awaiting their return. Drask is pleased to hear that the slaves have been successfully freed, if not all that surprised. His congratulations, however, are short lived as he describes the heroes a number of other tasks he would like carried out before the day’s end. Mulling over their options the heroes decide to help the Remms by guarding several wells spread out across the city.

On their way towards the wells the heroes stumble upon an angry mob of citizens who have cornered two very frightened Templar. Although Mikhai advises leaving the boys their fate, Eager is moved by their desperate pleas and attempts to disperse the mob. With surprisingly eloquent words and an intimidating glare a number of angry citizens voluntarily leave the scene, however a core group of rabble rousers remain, hell bent on killing the two young Templar. Left with no other choice, the heroes engage the mob and after an intense close-quarters battle disperse the rest of the crowd. With the threat gone Eager instructs the Templar to find Nori and begin working with the freed slaves to atone for their deeds.

Arriving at the well in the Artisan’s district, they discover that the location has been overtaken by a gang of humans and half-giants. Charging forward to meet the threat, the heroes are able to overcome the imposing foes and hold onto the well until members of the Crimson guard arrive to relieve them of guard duty. Exhausted from the days events and weary of traveling back to the noble district at so late an hour, the heroes make camp at the well and sleep for the night.



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