dark sun, dark times

First day in Tyr

The heroes arrive at Tyr without much trouble. As they approach the city, wind power becomes too unreliable so Blishk, Mikhai, and Eager man the capstans. Up top Ozu informs the rest of the Heroes that he plans on staying in Tyr no more than a few hours, but will return in a few weeks. At the city gate the penny pinching Ozu tells Maylay, Cenet, and Hark to hide while they pass inspection in order to avoid extra entrance fees. Their attempts to hide though are unsuccessful, as the templar guards are able to spot each in turn. Ozu is none too happy, but pays his fines all the same. While inspecting Ozu’s Sand Sailor, Hark recognizes a man taking notes for the templar guards. As the man leaves, he slips Hark a tightly folded note that appears to be a crude map of the city, with an ‘x’ marking a sport near the outer walls. In the city Ozu makes his unceremonious goodbye and shoos the heroes into the city.

Dalen, the teenage boy rescued from canyon temple, asks that the heroes help him find his Aunt and Uncle, who he believes reside in the Noble district. As luck would have it Dalen’s uncle is the patriarch of the Remm family, a noble family who oversees Tyr’s water supply. This position has generated much wealth and power for the Remm family, and their palatial residence is not difficult to find. After a short chat with some suspicious guards, Dalen is allowed to speak with his Aunt. Dalen’s identity is confirmed and the boy is taken in by his relatives. The party is rewarded for their efforts and is told to return later if they are in need of work.

Without anything pressing to do, the party decides to split up and explore the city. Hark heads to the upper noble district to seek his friend Xeros, Mikhai goes to the artisans district, Maylay to the sculptors square, and the rest gather near the stadium. A massive crowd has assembled to watch some sort of arena event and it is impossible to get close to the entrance. Intrigued by the giant pyramid at the center of the city, they heroes decide to walk around it for a while to get a better look. Mikhai joins them and just as he does a powerful wave a pain washes over the entire city. From the stadium the nearby heroes hear a multitude of screams, which are suddenly cut off. Hundreds begin streaming out of the stadium and the heroes move closer to investigate.

Else where, Hark helps nearby citizens who have been injured by the mysterious pain before sprinting towards towards the source of the screams. As he approaches the stadium he spots his allies just outside the entrance. Mikhai is trying desperately to enter the stadium, but is unable to get through the flowing mob. After he finally gives up three ferocious creatures burst through the entrance, killing the templar guards, and lashing out at the fleeing people. The heroes charge forward to slay the creatures and are able to make short work of them. Able to final enter the stadium they see the bodies of hundreds of people lying dead in the stands. They see no sign of blood or other possible cause of death, but their investigation is cut short by a flood of templar from the western exit. The templar shout “seize the deposers” and the heroes decide to flee. After a short chase through the Warrens, they are able to shake their pursuers and move east in search of Xeros.

They move through a few sections of the Warrens without incident, but their lucky quickly vanishes. Turning a corner they spy a templar, covered in blood, and suspending a small boy off the ground by his throat. The boy’s shriveled hands clutch motionlessly at his throat. As the heroes enter the alley way the templar discards the dead child and his hands suddenly erupt in blue flame…



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