dark sun, dark times

Catching up

A lot has happened since the battle of Tyr. Due to their action the heroes have become something of a divisive force in the city. The nobility and the “free” owe them much thanks, while the commoners fear their affiliation with magic users. For the benefit of both parties the heroes have been sent out into the desert on a secret mission. The city council believes that several secret holdfasts are located around the Tyr, each housing powerful artifacts belonging to the former sorcerer-king Kalak. With the help of Ozu and his contacts the party set out for Silver Spring in search of one such holdfast. Fighting through the harsh Athasian desert they finally arrive at Silver Spring, only to discover that Ozu may have exagerated a bit on his knowledge of the desert. He believes the holdfast is located somewhere in the Guthay canyon, but is unsure where exactly the canyon is. The leader of Silver Spring (and the Silver Hand elves), Toramund, agrees to help the heroes find Guthay canyon if they find and return his granddaughter Lona.

This task proves to be more difficult than it first appears. Lona is haunted by a terrible demon from the Gray, and has chosen to face her molester. The heroes fight through swarms of strange creatures before finding an unconscious Lona beside a swirling blue portal. The heroes save Lona from aberrant creatures, including the hulking demon of her dreams. Before the portal closes Mikhai peers through the blue miasma and see what appears to be a tall human with glowing green eyes beneath a cruel helm. Believing the figure to be Brandis the party questions Lona about the circumstances of her ordeal, but she does not seem to know anything about Brandis. She describes her nightmares, and the mysterious death of her mother. Concerned about Lona’s considerable arcane abilities, and her inability to control them the heroes suggest that Lona go to Tyr and seek shelter with the veiled alliance (aka the ministry).

Satisfied, Toramund gives the heroes a map of the surrounding area, including a path to Guthay canyon. With the aid of Ozu’s newly acquired Inixes, the caravan reaches the canyon in less than two days, and begins to search for the hidden holdfast. Unfortunately, the canyon is riddled with caverns and it takes the group the better part of four hours to find the entrance. Along the way they encounter a newly formed Kank hive. After killing the angry inhabitants they find three leathery Kank eggs, which they tuck away.

Upon entering the hold fast they immediately discover why Toramund cautioned them against exploring the canyon. Dozens of bodies lay scattered around the first chamber, and many of the older bodies come to life as the heroes traverse the room. After a lengthy battle though the undead are laid to rest once more and they party is able to continue on down a twisting corridor.



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